3 Ways to Stop Stressing (and Start Strategizing) Over Social Marketing

You get it!  You’ve got to play the whole social marketing game.  You’re on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and although you never seem to visit the page, you’re proud to say you’ve even set up your Google+ account.

Yep, you’re on the social networks that everyone is talking about, but for some reason you still don’t see what the fuss is all about.  You post a few things on Facebook, but nothing happens.  You’ve even gotten pretty good at conveying a message using 140 characters or less, but when it comes to your business, you’re not seeing the results that everyone is raving about.

Let’s face it, you’ve got a business to run and keeping up with all of this social marketing stuff is frustrating.  You hear the success stories, but instead of feeling inspired, you are completely overwhelmed.  I mean, how do people find the time to do all of this stuff?  You know you need to have a better strategy, but the thought of taking time out of your busy day to put it together completely stresses you out.

STOP!  Don’t stress (it’s not a good look for anyone)!  Here are three simple tips that will help get you focused, relieve your social stress and help you create a strategy that works for your business!

  1. Choose the Right Platform(s):  Some people will tell you that you’ve got to be everywhere on the web in order to be found.  While the ideal situation is to create a strong presence on each social site, if you don’t have the support yet, don’t sweat it.  Pick a few sites that you are completely committed to being active on. This is far better than going crazy signing up for every site out there and never posting or engaging with your fans.  The last thing you want your customers to do is find you on their favorite social network simply to see a blank canvas or just a few posts from three months ago.  Not cool!How do you choose the right platforms?  You may not like this answer, but you are going to have to do some work to figure it out.  Spend some time researching where your clients and prospects are hanging out.  Most B2B companies find success on LinkedIn while B2C companies do better on Facebook.  According to Marketing Charts, 77% of companies said they have acquired a customer through Facebook while LinkedIn was found to be 277 percent more effective at lead generation than any other social network, according to HubSpot.  34% of marketers have generated leads using Twitter, and 20% have closed deals according to Mindjumpers.  Results like this kind of make you think twice about getting more active, huh?
  2. Provide Tons of Value:  Once you’ve chosen the right social sites for your biz, it’s time to start giving your followers what they want.  This is your chance to get creative and show them that you are the expert in your industry.  If you’re a personal trainer, your fans should think that you are the only one who knows how to lose that darn last five pounds we’re all trying to get rid of.  If you sell jewelry, clearly you are the one person that knows the top 5 pieces every woman simply can’t live without.Using an education-based marketing approach, give your audience valuable information that they care about.  It’s also important to remember that the audience on every social site is very different and the way you share information should be as well.  Facebook and Google+ are very visual so pictures are great to post.  In fact, According to Facebook, posts that include a photo album, picture or video generate about 180%, 120% and 100% more engagement, respectively.  Twitter is for all of us entrepreneurs who can’t help but get excited about the next shiny thing so you’ve got to master the art of creating crafty short and sweet messages.

    No matter how you decide to share, the most important thing to remember is that what you share needs to be valuable information that people are searching for.  Nobody likes to find a page where the company is simply bragging about themselves or pushing their product.  Give your customers usable information and they will surely come back for more.

  3. Think Globally, Act Locally: Stop checking out Target and Coco-Cola’s facebook pages and wondering why you don’t have 21 or 56 million followers.  We get it, you’ve got a great business, but let’s set some realistic expectations shall we?  We’ve all hear “you’ve gotta start somewhere” and it begins in your own backyard.  You can’t expect people across the globe to love you if you can’t even engage your current clients or the people closest to you.  Your current customers are your greatest asset so start showing them the love.Yes, social media continues to prove to be a strong lead generator, but don’t forget that it is also a great way to engage your clients and build your community.  The more you engage them, the more excited they will be to talk about you.  Never forget that your customers are people and people love connecting and feeling like they belong so do just that.

So stop stressing.  Break up your social strategy into bite-sized pieces.  Know that as long as you are consistent, your community will continue to grow and you’ll start to see the results that you keep reading about.  Want to know the best part?  You’ll have so much fun building connections and your business that you won’t even have time to stress.  Now go get social!

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