3 Reasons Blogging is Good For Your Biz

You’ve thought about it.  You’re friends tell you that they do it.  But you keep saying that “It just seems way too hard, not to mention time consuming.  I mean, seriously, as if there isn’t enough I have to accomplish every day and now I’ve gotta start BLOGGING?!!”

Yep!  Now stop being such a drama queen…blogging can be fun and it’s definitely good for business.

Let us break if down for you and share three reasons why blogging is your friend.

1.  Blogging Helps Position You as the Expert in Your Industry
You’ve got tons of great information hidden in that pretty little head of yours and it just doesn’t seem fair to not share it with those desperately searching for what to you is just common knowledge.  Google receives 3 billion searches per day…um…yeah…someone is googling questions about your industry and it’s up to you to position yourself to be found online easily.  And once you get comfortable blogging, you can start to become a guest blogger on other people’s site too…expert status here you come!

2.  Blogging Increases Your Search Ranking
Once you start blogging, you can’t stop.  Consistency is key when it comes to your blogging strategy.  The more you blog (and be sure to use key words in each post), the more likely you are to show up in the search (don’t you just love it when people find you…thanks, Google!).  Not sure what to blog about?  Create a content calendar when you are having one of your “creative moments” so that you continue to build a pool of great resources to choose from on those days that you are staring a blank computer screen waiting for a spark of inspiration that never seems to come.  It’s happened to us all, but now we can be prepared!

Still not feelin’ it?    Check out this AWESOME list of 22 blogging tools used by pros that are sure to help get your creative juices flowing!

3.  Blogging Forces You to Generate Killer Content That You Can Incorporate into Your Social Strategy
You’ve done it!!  You’ve written some awesome posts.  They’re so good in fact, you have started convincing yourself that you’ve chosen the wrong field and have sadly missed your calling as a writer!  Ok, calm down Shakespeare…we get the point….you’re blogs are freakin’ great!  The cool part?  Not only do they get to hang out on your website awaiting the traffic that will flow, but now you’ve got content to share among all of your social sites!  Once you post a blog it’s time to send it out into the social world where it can be found, read and spread!  Tweet it, Post it, add a picture and Pin it!  Spread the love throughout all of your social sites.

So what do you think?  Ready to Blog?  We thought so…show us what you’ve got!!  We’re waiting!

Are you a blogger?  What do you love best about blogging and has it helped your business?  Share below…we want to hear about it!




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